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Feature Highlights
Online shops and ordering
- Templated, database driven shops with full shopping cart and secure credit card ordering functionality
- Product search, sort options, order history, account details
- Online administrative reports for those with access
- Ideal for web-based shops, promotional product ranges etc
- Support for price groups and powerful pricing matrices
- Full support for backorders and non-stock orders (including those that require externally processing!)
- Full reporting including Orders, Stock, Rebates, Invoices etc.  View online or export to Excel for further manipulation.
- Invoice Export for leading accounting packages including Aurora, MYOB
- Supports multiple shops
Stock Management
- Full inwards and dispatch processes
- Automatic label printing, picking lists, packing list
- Integrated courier ticketing and tracking using barcode scanner
- Integrates seamlessly with online shops to manage orders, backorders and non-stock orders.
Business Workflow
- Manage workflows based on simple status switching or complex business rules
- Full reporting and audit tracking
- Export and manipulate reporting data
Content Publishing
- Run traditional marketing websites by utilising content management services built right into WIP!
- Manage templates, articles, knowledge base items, news and more
- Advertising campaigns and banner management with clickthrough and page impression tracking
- Advanced log reporting available
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